Star Wars Series 1 Poster Puzzleback Set

As you mouse over each puzzle piece, you will see the card number appear for at least five seconds. Below are the twenty-eight cards that makeup the Poster Puzzleback:

starwars-s1-63 starwars-s1-07 starwars-s1-30 starwars-s1-48
starwars-s1-19 starwars-s1-16 starwars-s1-04 starwars-s1-39
starwars-s1-57 starwars-s1-41 starwars-s1-05 starwars-s1-64
starwars-s1-51 starwars-s1-45 starwars-s1-52 starwars-s1-27
starwars-s1-59 starwars-s1-25 starwars-s1-47 starwars-s1-50
starwars-s1-42 starwars-s1-37 starwars-s1-62 starwars-s1-02
starwars-s1-22 starwars-s1-20 starwars-s1-34 starwars-s1-21

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