Batman Series 2 (1966) Trading Card Set

Batman Series 2 - known to bubblegum trading card collectors as Batman Puzzle A or Red Bats, has a total of 44 cards in the set. Similar to the Series 1 set, these cards are beautiful hand-painted images, with the noticible difference of red pinstriping around the border and a red bat caption. The verso features a short storyline that follows the front illustration, plus a puzzle segment drawn in comicbook fashion.

Puzzle A back with caption
Above: Puzzle A back with short storyline
Original 5-cents Wrapper
Above: Original 5¢ Wrapper similar to Batman Series 1 wax pack

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Set Facts

Title: Batman Series 2
AKA: Puzzle A Backs, Red Bat series
Type: Cards sold via 5 cent wax packs
Design: Color hand-painted images
Verso: Color puzzle piece
Genre: TV Series - Situation Comedy
Producer: Topps
Year released: 1966
Cards in set: 44
Wrapper produced: Yes
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Batman Series 2 1966 Trading
Card Checklist

AKA: Puzzle A Backs or Red Bat
a  No. Title       Batman Puzzleback   1A The Ghostly Foe   2A Grappling a Gator   3A The Menacing Mummy   4A Target of the Trapper   5A Pendulum Peril   6A Facing the Axe   7A The Batline Life-line   8A Tentacled Terror   9A Knighting a Thief  10A Cycling Crusader      Riddler Puzzleback  11A Landing a Big One  12A Boiling Bath  13A Out on a Limb  14A Danger in the Depths  15A Gotham Gallants  16A Portable Bat Signals      Catwoman Puzzleback  17A Link to Lincoln  18A Death Spins a Web  19A Leap for Life  20A Surfing Sleuths  21A Batman Wins a Prize  22A Death Skis the Slopes      Joker Puzzleback  23A Battling Nature's Fury  24A Tight Squeeze  25A In the Bat Lab  26A The Joker's Last Laugh  27A Striking Out the Cobra  28A Victorious Duo      Penguin Puzzleback  29A Danger From 25th Century  30A Undone by the Umbrella  31A Flying Foes  32A Captain Kidd's Caper  33A Dynamite in Robin's Nest  34A The Batman Baby Sitter      Robin Puzzleback  35A Crime Above the Harbor  36A Cliff Hangers  37A Watery Warfare  38A In the Path of Death  39A Stopping the Sub  40A Inferno of Flame  41A Duel of Death  42A Counterfeit Caped Crusader  43A Menace in Fairyland  44A Batman on Broadway


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