Batman Series 1 (1966) Trading Card Set

Batman Series 1 - known to trading card collectors as Batman Orange Backs or Black Bat series, has a total of 55 cards in the set. Each card is a full color hand-painted image by several artists, the majority by pulp cover veteran Norm Saunders (Mars Attacks) and from pencil drawings by Golden Age comics artist Bob Powell.

Verso - Orange Back

Above: Verso - Orange Back
Right: Original 5¢ Wrapper
Original 5-cents Wrapper

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Set Facts

Title: Batman Series 1
AKA: Orange Backs, Black Bat
Type: Cards sold via 5 cent wax packs
Design: Color hand-painted images
Verso: Orange back with story text
Genre: TV Series - Situation Comedy
Producer: Topps
Year released: 1966
Cards in set: 55
Wrapper produced: Yes
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Batman Series 1 1966 Trading Card Checklist

AKA: Orange Backs or Black Bats
a  No. Title      1 The Batman   2 Robin – Boy Wonder       Batman vs. The Joker   3 The Bat Signal   4 Midnight Conference   5 Roof Top Vigil   6 Chloroform Victim   7 Grim Realization   8 Into the Batmobile   9 Face of the Joker  10 Crime Czar  11 Poison Pellet  12 Batman Strikes  13 The Joker in Jail      Batman vs. The Penguin  14 Nightly Patrol  15 Batman in Action  16 The Penguin's Trap  17 Spikes of Death  18 Robin in Action  19 Fiery Encounter  20 Robin to the Rescue  21 Narrow Escape  22 Double-Cross  23 Umbrella Duel  24 Penguin Captured      Batman vs. The Catwoman  25 The Cat Woman  26 Queen of Crime  27 Sinister Smile  28 "Let's Go!"  29 Robin is Kidnapped  30 Fighting Back  31 Threat of the Cat Woman  32 Bat-A-Rang Bulls-Eye  33 The Enemies Clash  34 Deadly Claws  35 Cat Woman Defeated      Batman vs. The Riddler  36 The Riddler  37 A Trap for Batman  38 Robin Rescued  39 "To the Batcave"  40 Following the Clue  41 Time for a Rescue  42 Robin in Peril  43 The Bat-Gasmask  44 Flying Fists  45 Trap for the Riddler  46 The Batarang      Batman vs. various dangers  47 Deadly Robot  48 Monstrous Illusion  49 Decoy  50 Beastly Encounter  51 Flaming Welcome  52 Winged Giant  53 Race Against Death  54 Whirlpool  55 Hidden Loot


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