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The Addams Family 1964 Trading Card Checklist

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c  1   "Gomez"
c  2    Somebody Drank My Embalming Fluid! 
c  3    Feeding the Tropical Fish! 
c  4    Will the Real Granny Please Stand Up!
c  5    You Rang? 
c  6    I Always Look Better By Candlelight.
c  7    I'm Your New Neighbor!
c  8    Ever Seen a Train in Orbit? 
c  9    Of Course I Play the Piano!
c 10   This Will Stop His Headache!
c 11   My Brother-in-Law!
c 12   Only 3 More and the Cemetery Is Full.
c 13   Next Time—Use Your Zip Code!
c 14   Want Some Lizard Soup?
c 15   Your Slab Will Be Ready in a Moment.
c 16   I Really Dig You Morticia!
c 17   Got Any Ghostly Numbers?
c 18   Which One?
c 19   "Fester"
c 20   Don't Move, You'll Spoil My Shot!
c 21   Here He Comes... Now Do Your Stuff!
c 22   Yes, We Have a Room for Rent!
c 23   I Can't Stand a Lumpy Mattress!
c 24   I Always Use Live Bait! 
c 25   My Own Graveyard!
c 26   He'll Get the Point Now!
c 27   Your Kids Ate My Spiders.
c 28   A Few More and We'll Have Our Own Boot-Hill.
c 29   Yes, the Real Estate Is Getting Cheaper.
c 30   Of Course I Ride a Broom!
c 31   It's So Nice and Gloomy In Here!
c 32   What Do You Mean—Get a Receipt?
c 33   What'll I Wear for Halloween?
c 34   A Friend of Lurch.
c 35   I Always Play in Poison Ivy!
c 36   "Thing"
c 37   Just Think, Our First Dead Letter. 
c 38   Let's Tell Scary Stories. 
c 39   The African Strangler 
c 40   It Only Hurts When I Cough!
c 41   Two Heads Are Always Better Than One
c 42   It's Only the Monthly Bill from the Blood Bank.
c 43   Bury the Next One over There!
c 44   "Morticia!"
c 45   Yea, Yea, Yea!
c 46   I Need a Real Hair-Rising Story.
c 47   He Saw Lurch!
c 48   Look, No Dandruff!
c 49   Weaving a Wig for Fester.
c 50   You're a Real Cut-Up Fester!
c 51   My Favorite! Devil's Food Cake.
c 52   Whaddya Mean, I Need a Man's Deodorant?
c 53   Son, Now Don't Scalp Fester!
c 54   Get Their Vote (Dead or Alive).
c 55   Gotta Be Sharp for Company
c 56   I Won't Be Home for Dinner!
c 57   Lurch Lower the Body so Beautifully!
c 58   Let's Eat Before He Wakes Up!
c 59   Come on in the Playroom and See Our Guillotine.
c 60   What Do You Mean, Follow You?
c 61   You've Never Heard of Guillotine
c 62   Hang Around and I'll Call the Butler!
c 63   Go Past the Second Grave and Turn Right.
c 64   House for Sale: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1 Dungeon. Call HOrror 1-3786
c 65   The Family Hearse.
c 66   Quit Shaking the Coffin!

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