How to Collect Over 100 years Worth of Classic Bubblegum Trading Cards!

Mars Attacks Card 31 - The Monster Reaches In
Mars Attacks — Bubbles, Inc. (Topps) 1962

Collecting classic bubblegum trading cards is one of the world's greatest hobbies. From the moment you remove that wax or foil wrapper and handle those colorful pieces of cardboard, you will be drawn into the card collecting hobby like a moth to a flame.

The Beatles Color Photos Wax Box
The Beatles Color Photos Wax Box — Topps 1964

I am a certified trading card addict. In the past forty years I have amassed over half a million vintage cards -- everything from cigarette cards, advertising trade cards, mutoscope cards, sports cards and my favorite of all -- classic bubblegum trading cards!

This site is created for ALL enthusiasts of trading cards whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced collector, or a baby boomer reminiscing the good old days.

There is definitely something for everyone and it is my intention to share my secrets on how to acquire those elusive cards to complete your sets. Ill provide detailed checklists and also give you pointers on the best way to properly handle, display, index and preserve your card collection, and hopefully your collection will last for the next 100 years to come!

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